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Department of Computer Science and Engineering is accredited by the National Board for Accreditation (NBA) for a period of three years from 2019-2022. The institution is in a process of attaining NBA accreditation for 50% of the departments.

 About NBA

National Board for Accredition (NBA) works through its General Council and the Executive Committee.

The major objectives of NBA are as following;

  • To assess and grade colleges and institutions of technical and professional education, the courses, and programs offered by them, their various units, faculty, department etc.
  • Stimulate the academic environment and quality of teaching and research in these institutions
  • Contribution to the sphere of knowledge in its discipline
  • Motivate colleges and institutions of technical and professional education for research, and adopt teaching practices that groom their students for the innovation and development of leadership qualities
  • Encourage innovations, self evaluation and accountability in higher education
  • Promote necessary changes, innovation and reforms in all aspects of the working of the college/institutions of technical and professional education
  • Help institutions realize their academic objectives

 NBA Certification

NBA Accreditation Status Report 1