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Research & Development

The institution has put significant effort in protecting its breakthrough and innovative research work by filing 13 patents at the Indian Patents Office.
S.No Patent Title  Filing Year Inventor
1 A Method of Attendance Management [201611012431] 2016 Ankur Gupta, CSE
2 A Method of Automated Attendance Management Using Mobile Devices on Custom Wireless Networks [201611006177] 2016 Ankur Gupta, CSE
Ashish Deep Singh(Student, CSE)
Nausheen Saraf (Student, CSE)
3 A Method of Controlled Sharing of Personal Digital Content on Mobile Devices [1454/DEL/2015] 2015 Ankur Gupta, CSE
Taranmeet Kour, CSE
Rohit Raina, CSE

4 A Method of Application Profiling for Detecting DOS/DDOS Attack Launching Applications in Cloud Computing [286/DEL/2015]  2015 Ankur Gupta, CSE
Lohit Kapoor, IT
5 The Global Academic Cloud: A System and Method for Secure Student Life-Cycle Management and Migration [2703/DEL/2014]  2014 Ankur Gupta, CSE
6 A Low Cost Method for Creating Silent Zones for Mobile Devices in Public Areas [2701/DEL/2014] 2014 Ankur Gupta, CSE
7 A Cloud Based Knowledge Management System and Method for Creating Pervasive Learning Environment [989/DEL/2013] 2013 Ankur Gupta, CSE
8 A Novel Method and System of Capacitor Voltage Balancing for Three-Phase Neutral Point Clamped Bi-directional Rectifiers [1494/DEL/2013] 2013 Nitin Langer, EE
9 Method of Regression Analysis for Software Maintenance Throughout its Life-Cycle [3359/DEL/2013] 2013 Ankur Gupta, CSE
Shafqat Shamim, IT Operations
10 System for Student Performance Assessment and Bench-marking [2607/DEL/2012] 2012 Ankur Gupta, CSE
11 Cloud-based Quality Management Tool for Educational Institutions [3678/DEL/2011] 2011 Ankur Gupta, CSE
Rakesh M. Datt, MCA
12 A System and Method for Reducing the Mean-time-to-Detect for Network Faults [2966/DEL/2010] 2010 Ankur Gupta, CSE
13 System and method for migrating licensed applications with data and making them user ready on target platform [2967/DEL/2010] 2010 Ankur Gupta, CSE
Shafqat Shamim, IT Operations