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ACM - Ist Student's Chapter

MIET set up the first student's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), USA in the state of J&K in 2017. Student Chapters of the ACM provide unique opportunities for networking, mentoring and exposure to cutting-edge technologies. The MIET Student Chapter was conducted with the ACM signature event, “Hour of Code”.


ACM Distinguished Lecture by Gargi Dasgupta

MIET organized the Distinguished Guest Lecture by Dr. Gargi Banerjee Dasgupta, Senior Research Manager, IBM Research, under the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). She delivered a deeply insightful talk on “Cognitive Computing” covering aspects of artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, natural language processing and sentiment analysis for over 200 computer science and IT students and faculty members of MIET. She also discussed the increasing intelligence of machines in terms of their ability to think, reason and act. She specifically covered details of IBM Watson, the most popular cognitive engine in the world and the diverse applications of Watson APIs from healthcare, financial services, customer/tech support and the like.