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MIET operates the Center for Mobile Application Development, which is fully funded by AICTE, New Delhi. The center has been instrumental in undertaking the development of Novel Mobile Applications. The centre focusses on Android Apps currently.

Cover art MIET Mobile Application

This is the official mobile application of the Model Institute of Engineering and Technology. It provides complete information about the institution and allows students access to the MIET web-site, Performance Insight 360 (the performance analytics tool), the Learning Management System and the ERP system. 

Click Here to visit the app on Google Play.

Cover artSmart SMS

This intelligent application lets a user provide automated SMS responses to people based on pre-configured key-words. Thus, if a user receives 100 SMS's on her Birthday, she can configure this application to send an automated and personalized "Thank you" message to all the senders. Thus, a lot of time and effort is saved for the user. Similarly, automated messages for "Diwali, Eid and Chirstmas" messages can also be created.

Click Here to visit the app on Google Play.

Cover artSilent Zone

This application solves a very important real-world problem. Mobile devices create disturbance for others in public places such as theatres, meetings, classrooms, hospitals and libraries. This application allows silent zones for mobile devices to be created through the use of low-cost wireless devices. As a mobile device enters a designated silent zone the application detects and automatically moves the mobile devices to silent/vibrate mode. Upon leaving the designated silent zone it restores the previous settings.

Click Here to visit the app on Google Play.